American Carbon Alliance Announces Nation’s Top Ethanol Industry Groups Join Coalition 


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American Carbon Alliance Announces Nation’s Top Ethanol Industry Groups Join Coalition 

Growth Energy, Renewable Fuels Association and the American Coalition for Ethanol Join ACA 

URBANDALE, Iowa (July 24, 2023) – The newly formed American Carbon Alliance (ACA) announced it has added the nation’s three most preeminent ethanol organizations to its ever-growing coalition. The American Coalition for Ethanol, Growth Energy, and the Renewable Fuels Association, have recently joined the ACA ranks, to bring attention to the benefits that carbon capture technology will have on rural communities, the nation’s economy, and the ethanol industry.  

“These three powerhouse organizations are a force when it comes to leading the charge for America’s farmers, producers, corn growers, and ethanol plants,” said Tom Buis, CEO of the American Carbon Alliance. “We’re thrilled to add them to our coalition and look forward to working with them to bring about a new energy future in America.”  

“There’s no doubt that carbon capture and sequestration puts ethanol on a unique trajectory to reach both net-zero and net-negative emissions,” said Brian Jennings, CEO of the American Coalition for Ethanol. “The American Carbon Alliance is helping to bring together all aspects of the industry to strengthen the future for producers, the agriculture industry, and American energy. We want to be a part of that.” 

“We look forward to the success the American Carbon Alliance will have in telling the story of the economic and environmental benefits that can be realized by utilizing carbon capture and storage technology,” said Emily Skor, Growth Energy CEO. “As both the domestic and global markets demand more low-carbon fuels, especially in the aviation industry, America’s ethanol producers are uniquely positioned and ready to deliver low-carbon options on the road and in the sky.” 

“Ethanol already cuts carbon emissions in half compared to gasoline; with smart policy measures, ethanol can do even more,” said Geoff Cooper, President & CEO of the Renewable Fuels Association. “Ethanol can serve as a zero-emissions fuel for cars and trucks while also helping to decarbonize the aviation, marine, and stationary power generation sectors. We’re excited to partner with the American Carbon Alliance and their members to bring attention to carbon capture technology.”  


The American Carbon Alliance (ACA) is formed to be one unified voice for carbon capture pipelines, ethanol producers, landowners, farmers, construction trade workers and citizens that embrace this new energy future for America. Working together, this alliance will strengthen America’s agricultural economy, ensure a future marketplace for American produced liquid fuel and improve the environment for all. 

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