New Coalition Formed to Strengthen America’s Agricultural Economy Through Carbon Capture Efforts 


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New Coalition Formed to Strengthen America’s Agricultural Economy Through Carbon Capture Efforts 

American Carbon Alliance announces the launch of their bipartisan group 

URBANDALE, Iowa (July 10, 2023) – The American Carbon Alliance (ACA) announced it is launching a broad coalition of like-minded leaders who are joining forces to bring attention to the benefits that carbon capture technology will have on rural communities, the nation’s economy, the ethanol industry, and the overall environment. 

The group is led by Tom Buis, the former CEO of Growth Energy and President of the National Farmers Union, former Minnesota Congressman Collin Peterson (D-MN), who chaired the U.S. House Agriculture Committee, and Iowa businessman, Nick Ryan. 

“Reducing carbon is vital to our environment, our economy, and our nation’s security. I am proud to play a role in working with a broad coalition to ensure rural America is part of our nation’s efforts to reduce carbon,” said Tom Buis, the CEO and Executive Chairman of the American Carbon Alliance. “Capturing carbon will create new and long-term markets for biofuels and provide an immediately low carbon alternative to electric vehicles.” 

The ACA will advocate for public policy that helps transform the ag and energy economy by enhancing the nations’ energy security. 

“Throughout my years in Congress, we were always able to find bipartisan agreement when it came to supporting the renewable fuels industry,” former Congressman Collin Peterson said. “The ability for biofuels to now help lead the way as America decarbonizes the energy sector is not only exciting but brings with it all sorts of opportunities to revitalize rural America while also helping the nation become more energy independent.” 

The ACA will assemble business leaders, ethanol and other energy producers, farmers, construction trade workers, corporations and citizens who support a new energy future for America. 

“We are at the cutting edge of connecting modern agriculture and clean domestic energy—and doing it in a way that can help decarbonize the world,” said Nick Ryan. “This is about agriculture. This is about energy. This is about national security. This is about security for our friends and allies. This is our path to a safe, more prosperous future that will not only have a major benefit for farmers and folks in rural America, but our entire world.” 


The American Carbon Alliance (ACA) is formed to be one unified voice for carbon capture pipelines, ethanol producers, landowners, farmers, construction trade workers and citizens that embrace this new energy future for America. Working together, this alliance will strengthen America’s agricultural economy, ensure a future marketplace for American produced liquid fuel and improve the environment for all. 

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