Mission Statement

We seek to form one unified voice for carbon capture pipelines, ethanol producers, landowners, farmers, construction trade workers and citizens that embrace this new energy future for America. Working together, this alliance will strengthen America’s agricultural economy, ensure a future marketplace for American produced liquid fuel and improve the environment for all.

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Meet the Team

Tom Buis

Respected leader in renewable energy, former CEO of Growth Energy, promoting cleaner fuels and environmental sustainability as CEO of the American Carbon Alliance.

Rep. Collin Peterson
Senior Advisor

Respected politician, senior advisor to the American Carbon Alliance, leveraging congressional experience to promote practical solutions for carbon capture and sustainable agriculture.

Nick Ryan
Senior Advisor

Founder and CEO of the Concordia Group, senior advisor to the American Carbon Alliance, driving sustainability through expertise in energy, and strategic project management for carbon capture technologies.

Andrew Buis
Membership & Advocacy

An accomplished leader with a proven track record in campaign management and driving membership growth. Leveraging his expertise in advocacy efforts, he plays a pivotal role in amplifying the alliance’s voice and expanding its network of supporters through strategic partnerships and targeted outreach.

Josie Albrecht
Press Director

A seasoned communications professional with over a decade of experience in media relations, public relations, political campaigns, public affairs, and corporate communications. Raised on a family farm in small-town Iowa, Josie brings a strong work ethic and dedication to her role.

Jill Halvorson
Executive Assistant

A highly experienced professional providing comprehensive administrative support and leveraging expertise in organizational management, scheduling, and project coordination. Plays a vital role in ensuring smooth operations and facilitating the alliance’s mission.

Zach Harnden
Legislative Assistant

A skilled young professional with extensive experience in policy development, legislative affairs, political campaigns, and effective communication strategies. Dedicated to sustainable solutions for rural America as a Legislative Assistant.

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