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Lillibridge: Carbon capture will help Iowa lead on growing its own energy

I truly believe that a realistic decarbonized world comes in this model that is constantly renewable and sustainable for decades to come. It would be the safest product moved in pipelines next to water because of its pure form. It is not explosive and not flammable.

Majority of Affected Landowners Approve of CO2 Transport Pipelines

Carbon credits offset ethanol production costs by a significant percentage, enough to make them non-competitive. If a plant can’t complete it is likely to close or to move to a place where it has pipeline access, which won’t be here if Floyd County drives the pipeline elsewhere.

The Need for Ethanol Pipelines

I believe we are at an exciting time in farming and the economics supporting the pipeline are the same that are growing the soybean crush plant expansion in the Midwest, and are driving the methane capture projects at livestock facilities.