New Data shows Strong Support for Carbon Capture

New Data shows Strong Support for Carbon Capture

The American Carbon Alliance

When it comes to how issues are portrayed in the mainstream media, often times the loudest opponents are the ones sought out. After all, controversy creates more clicks, more interest, and sells more papers, right? It’s hard to be loud about something positive, isn’t it? This certainly seems to be the case when it comes to the issue of Carbon Capture pipelines – the few outspoken opponents’ voices are amplified while supporters may be quiet, but are the majority.

According to Summit Carbon Solutions, more than 72% of their proposed pipeline route and about 90% of the proposed carbon dioxide storage area have signed voluntary agreements. The very people most affected by this project, actual landowners with pipeline running through their land, are overwhelmingly supportive.

It’s not just landowners, however. Polling conducted by the Renewable Fuels Association suggests that support for the pipelines has been consistently in the 50-55 percent range, with 1 in 5 expressing strong support and the most recent polling, conducted in September 2023, indicated the strongest support yet – 56% of all respondents, 76% of those with an opinion. The average opposition in the poll is only 18%.

While not as vocal, most understand the importance of carbon capture and sequestration to their state’s economies, corn producers and ethanol plants, and our nation as a whole.

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