Illinois Governor JB Pritzker has signed a bill to further incentivize the use of ethanol-based fuels in the state.

Russ Orrill with the Illinois Corn Growers Association tells Brownfield the provision reduces the sales tax on E15 by 10%, on E20-E50 blends by 20% and on higher blends like E85 by 100% through 2028.

“Ethanol is known to lower the carbon intensity of gasoline, reducing CO2 emissions by 40 to 50%, so it’s cleaner for our environment and better for our farmers and rural communities.”

Orrill says the bill was a top priority for IL Corn in the spring legislative session and they are thankful for support from the General Assembly.

“As we look forward, we hope that more and more retailers look at this incentive as a voluntary incentive and with consumer demand associated with these higher blends of ethanol, they’ll begin to provide that to communities throughout the state.”

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